Eco Schools - Fee includes preparation/lesson development/resource expenditures, administration, travel expenses and teaching = £30 for a 1 hour session or £25 per hour for 2 hours or more. You can have 2 classes per session if you prefer. (Please note costs may increase for distances over 25 miles radius from Wildpix Scotland based near Dollar, Clackmannanshire or unforeseen extras such as pre visits to out of school locations and sites and risk assessment production etc)

Photo Workshops - Please contact at above CONTACT WILDPIX SCOTLAND link for Individual/group/venue pricing or see the price as quoted on course posters.

2015 Pricing:

Prints and imagery
All prints on lustre paper and mounted on 2mm card otherwise requested
" 8x6" = £10 per print
" 8x6" Mounted on 2mm Card = £13.99 per mounted print
" 8x8" mounted is = £14.99 each
"10x8" = £11.99 per print
"10x8" mounted on card for framing = £15 .99per mounted print
"16x12" =£15 per print
"16x12"" mounted on card for framing = £29.99 per mounted print
"16x16" mounted is = £32.99 each
"20x16" =£32.99 per Print
"20x16" mounted on card for framing =£47.99per mounted print
"20x20" mounted on card =£ 47.99 each

(Please note that postal costs may be added depending on order size)

Imagery for website use can also be purchased, please contact for quotation

Payment to Wildpix Scotland via cheque or through internet BACS payment service or at your own bank. Details given on enquiries

Cheque address details sent to customers on enquiries via CONTACT WILDPIX SCOTLAND at the link above